pb aim & role
pb aim & role
pb aim & role
pb aim & role
hello and welcome to touring! as you might have guessed, we are a tour based gpsl. our world tour will be starting off with the european leg, followed by australia and asia, and ending in north america. while we are based around a tour, the gpsl will begin during tour rehearsals. but don't fret! we won't be stuck in rehearsals for too long. tour will kick off a week after first adds. here you will be able to mix and match credits to your heart's desire. not up for playing someone famous? no worries, we will also be offering tour crew roles!

rules & activity
we expect everyone to be familiar with the rules of rp, but we will highlight the most important. while we do welcome drama, please be respectable to other players and do not cross the line between ic and ooc. any ooc drama will not be tolerated and will result in removal of your character, no exceptions. we're here to provide a small, friendly, and active community for those looking to house their characters. if you have any problems, questions, or concerns please comment our screened post!

while character bios or directories are not required, we do require credits. you may mix and match credits as you please as long as you have an idea in mind for the sound and size of your act.

we do not require monthly updates, but they are encouraged! everyone is expected to be active on the fp. that means posting at least once a month, commenting around, and being active in the welcome post in place of intros. we hope to have group chats (for those interested in aim), group scenes and discussion posts, movie and game nights, etc depending on what our members are interested in. while we do not expect everyone to involved in every group activity, we do encourage participation!

please remember that the cap will be set at 30 members. any roles that are not taken will be filled by npcs! the sound and style of the co-headliner(s) and the opening act is left to the players.

co-headliners (up to 2 acts - max of 8 people per act. this means you may have a solo artist with a back up band, singers, dancers, etc. a boy/girl group or a more traditional band)

opening act (max of 8 people. same rules as headliners apply)

photographers (max of 3)
merch (max of 5)
stylists (max of 3)
managers (max of 3)
bodyguards (max of 5)
lighting and misc crew (max of 5)